SIG (School Improvement Grant)

Through Section 1003 (g) School Improvement Fund of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA),  the United States Department of Education (USDE) allots funds to the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) to be used as sub grants to assist schools identified for improvement, corrective action, and restructuring.  Sub grant funds must be used to support high quality, sustainable school improvement activities that increase the likelihood that students learn challenging academic content and achieve proficiency. 


Devona Youmans

District SIG Coordinator

(803)  625-5014


LaToya Williams

SIG Administrative Assistant

(803) 625-5015


Dr. Sarah Green-Williams

Middle School Coordinator

(803) 625-5200


Pamela Love

High School Coordinator

(803) 625-5139



Based on the identified needs of our students, the School Improvement Grant (SIG) is funding the following programs and activities at Estill Middle School and Estill High School.

Direct Instruction (DI)

Direct Instruction is a nationally known program designed to provide students with fundamental skills that will allow them to overcome deficits that they have in Reading and Math. 

RTI (Response to Intervention) Supplies  and Materials:

Response to Intervention is a “tiered or leveled” intervention process that is used to identify struggling learners and provide them with instruction based on their individual needs.

College Summit

This is a program designed to provide our students with learning experience in: Academic Excellence, Self-Advocacy, College/Career Connections and Financial Awareness.  Students enrolled in this program will also visit several colleges throughout the state of South Carolina.


Professional Development

In order to better assist our students with their academic needs and to increase teacher and school leadership effectiveness, several professional developments will be offered throughout the school year.  Some of these professional development activities include, but are not limited to:

·         Direct Instruction Training (Reading and Mathematics)

·         J2 Squared (Mathematics Consulting and Resources)

·         CASE-21(Benchmark Assessment Training)

·         SIG Workshops and Trainings



In order to adequately meet the needs of the Transformation Program Model and address the needs of our students, the following positions have been funded:

District SIG Coordinator-Devona Youmans

District Math Coach-Julia Lee

School SIG Coordinators- Dr. Sarah Green-Williams-Estill Middle School, Pam Love-Estill High School

Teachers-Lauren Buell-ELA  Instructor Estill Middle   Joann Ready-Math Instructor Estill Middle      Edward Jones –ELA Instructor Estill High Danny Maxwell-Math Instructor Estill Middle

Instructional Assistants- Pamela Polite, Lanamsha Newton

Transformation Model

1.       Developing and Increasing Teacher and School Leadership

a.       Direct Instruction Professional Development

b.      Power of Teaching Professional Development

c.       Professional Development : Mathematics

d.      Professional Development: English Language Arts

e.      School Wide Data Teams

f.        Performance Based Pay

2.       Comprehensive Reform Strategies

a.       Direct Instruction at both Schools

3.        Increasing Learning Time and Community Oriented Schools

a.       Additional Minutes added to Class periods:

                                                               i.      DI Instruction

                                                             ii.      Reading/Math

b.      School/Community Forums :

c.       Student/Parent Orientation Seminars

d.      Math Parent/Student Night

e.      Science Fair

f.        25 Book Reading Campaign

4.       Providing Operational Flexibility

a.       Schedule adjustments at each school to accommodate new implementations

b.      SIG Transformation Coordinator

c.       District Math Coach

d.      Direct Instruction Coordinators at both Schools

e.      Four Teachers (2-ELA/2-Math)